Shoreview Commons Park Improvements

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Terry Schwerm, City Manager
Phone: 651.490.4611 | E-mail Terry

Shoreview Commons Park Improvements Underway

The first phase of the improvement project at Shoreview Commons park has started. This phase includes:

Pond and garden area

A new pond and garden area will be built near Haffeman Pavilion. This new area will provide a formal space for special events and a beautiful landscape for residents and visitors to enjoy. The new pond will also be an ice skating rink in the winter.

Plaza-style skate park

The new skate park will be a challenge to all levels of skateboarders and rollerbladers. It will include quarter pipes, wedges, grind rails, and steps.

Mound Avenue playground

The neighborhood playground off of Mound Avenue will be replaced with a new play structure.

Trails and sidewalks

Construction also includes new trails and sidewalks throughout the area. The new paths will provide a direct link between the community center and Ramsey County Library. They will also provide easier access to Shoreview Commons from the surrounding neighborhood. 

Parking lot improvements

The upper level parking lot will also be modified. Changes to it will improve traffic flow and create a safer pedestrian crossing to the planned destination playground. The destination playground will be part of the second phase of construction, scheduled for 2021.

Most of the project will be completed in late fall 2019 with final landscaping and site improvements wrapping up in early spring.

The second phase of the project is currently proposed for 2021 and includes

  • A destination playground
  • A new park building near the destination playground