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Laurie Elliott, Human Resources Director
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The human resources division provides cost-effective programs and services that attract, promote, and retain a well-qualified, diverse and motivated workforce to provide excellent services to residents and visitors. See a complete list of our Job Openings.

The human resources division supports all city departments in the areas of:

  • Recruitment
  • Hiring
  • Compensation
  • Classification
  • Employee benefits
  • Performance management
  • Employee-wide training
  • Federal and state legal compliance
  • OSHA/safety administration & security

The City of Shoreview, MN is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Veteran's Preference
The city operates under a point preference system which awards points to qualified veterans to supplement their application. If you are a veteran based on Minnesota Statute § 197.447, then you may claim Veteran's Preference points. To qualify for Veteran’s Preference, the veteran must:
  • Be a US citizen or resident alien 
  • Have received a discharge under honorable conditions from any branch of the US Armed forces; AND have either
  • Served on active duty for 181 consecutive days or more, or 
  • Have been discharged by reason of a service connected disability, or
  • Have completed the minimum active duty requirement of federal law, as defined by CFR title 38, section 3.12a; i.e., having fulfilled the full period for which a person was called or ordered to active duty by the United States President, or
  • Certified service and verification of “veteran status” granted under U.S. PL 95-202
To claim Veteran's Preference, complete the Election of Veteran’s Preference portion of the application and include a copy of the documents listed below. The copies must be provided by the closing date for the position.
  • A copy of the Veteran’s Form DD214 (or DD215) 
Disabled Veteran:
  • A copy of the Veteran’s Form DD214 (or DD215) 
  • A copy of form FL 802 (or an equivalent letter from a Service Retirement Board) 
Spouse of Disabled Veteran:
  • A copy of the Veteran’s Form DD214 (or DD215), and 
  • A copy of your marriage certificate, and 
  • A copy of form FL 802 (or an equivalent letter from a Service Retirement Board) 
Spouse of Deceased Veteran:
  • A copy of the Veteran’s Form DD214 (or DD215), and 
  • A copy of your marriage certificate, and
  • A copy of the veteran’s death certificate

Note: Spouses are ineligible to receive points if they have remarried or were divorced from the veteran.

For assistance in obtaining a copy of your DD214, contact your local county Veterans Service Office.

Veteran’s Preference points will be added to the passing score of qualified applicants with appropriate documentation.
ADA Reasonable Accommodation

Our job postings provide a general representation of duties required for each position. They are not intended to reflect essential functions pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), nor are they intended to list every specific function and task of the position. Certain jobs also have specific physical and drug testing requirements that must be met. 

If you have a disability and need an accommodation in order to complete the application form, or to participate in the selection process, submit a request as soon as possible in writing or in an appropriate alternative format.

MN Data Practices Act
Under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act (MN Statute 13.42, subd 3), the following data on your application is automatically considered public information:
    1. Job history
    2. Education and training
    3. Work availability
    4. Veteran's status
    5. Relevant test scores
    6. Rank on our eligibility tests

    Public information is available to anyone who asks. Shoreview does not use eligibility lists, nor do we typically use scored tests in our selection process.

    Your name is considered private information until you are considered a finalist for a position. A finalist is someone who is selected for what we believe will be the last step in the selection process. The city does not post or announce names of finalists, but if asked we are required to provide them. All other information is considered private and is only available to anyone you authorize to see it, and to the staff who need to use it in the hiring process.
    You are not legally required to supply any of the data we ask for on the application. However, if you choose to withhold information, it may be cause for rejecting your application or jeopardize your chances of advancing through the hiring process.

    *MN law and our procedures are subject to change without notice.
    Drug and alcohol testing

    Certain positions at the City of Shoreview require a drug test before hiring, and drug and alcohol testing while you are employed with us. Below is a summary of our Drug and Alcohol Testing policy. A complete copy of the policy is provided to all affected employees upon hiring.

    City of Shoreview
    Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy Summary


    •  Health and safety
    • Strive to maintain a drug-free workplace
    • Performance and quality of service
    • Compliance with Federal Drug and Alcohol Testing Act

    Who is Subject to Testing

    Applicants for:

    • Original hire in safety-sensitive jobs requiring a CDL, upon job offer
    • Promotion, reassignment or transfer to safety-sensitive positions who were never previously drug tested

    Employees, supervisors & managers in safety-sensitive jobs (requiring a CDL) for:

    • Random selection
    • Post-accident
    • Reasonable suspicion
    • Return-to-duty & follow-up

    Refusing to Test

    • Applicants are disqualified
    • Employees are considered insubordinate and can be disciplined up to and including discharge from employment

    Rights of Employees & Job Applicants

    • All individuals can be tested only with their consent
    • If test result is positive, applicant or employee can submit additional explanatory information to the Medical Review Officer (MRO)
    • If test result is positive, applicant or employee can request a second test of original sample within 72 hours of notification

    If Test Result indicates Presence of Drugs/Alcohol

    • Applicant is disqualified from employment
    • Employee applicants for safety-sensitive positions are disqualified
    • Employees on first occurrence may be disciplined short of dismissal and be referred to the employee assistance program for a chemical dependency evaluation
    • A positive post-treatment test could result in dismissal
    • Refusal to complete participation in a recovery program could result in dismissal


    • Employee test results are to be kept strictly confidential


    Questions regarding this policy should be directed to Laurie Elliott, Human Resources Director; 651.490.4615; 4600 North Victoria Street, Shoreview, MN 55126