Drug and Alcohol Testing

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Certain positions at the City of Shoreview require a drug test before hiring, and drug and alcohol testing while you are employed with us. Below is a summary of our Drug and Alcohol Testing policy. A complete copy of the policy is provided to all affected employees upon hiring.

City of Shoreview
Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy Summary


♦ Health and safety
♦ Strive to maintain a drug-free workplace
♦ Performance and quality of service
♦ Compliance with Federal Drug and Alcohol Testing Act

Who is Subject to Testing
Applicants for:
♦ Original hire in safety-sensitive jobs requiring a CDL, upon job offer
♦ Promotion, reassignment or transfer to safety-sensitive positions who were never
previously drug tested

Employees, supervisors & managers in safety-sensitive jobs (requiring a CDL) for:

♦ Random selection
♦ Post-accident
♦ Reasonable suspicion
♦ Return-to-duty & follow-up

Refusing to Test
♦ Applicants are disqualified
♦ Employees are considered insubordinate and can be disciplined up to and including
discharge from employment

Rights of Employees & Job Applicants
♦ All individuals can be tested only with their consent
♦ If test result is positive, applicant or employee can submit additional explanatory
information to the Medical Review Officer (MRO)
♦ If test result is positive, applicant or employee can request a second test of original
sample within 72 hours of notification

If Test Result indicates Presence of Drugs/Alcohol
♦ Applicant is disqualified from employment
♦ Employee applicants for safety-sensitive positions are disqualified
♦ Employees on first occurrence may be disciplined short of dismissal and be referred to the
employee assistance program for a chemical dependency evaluation
♦ A positive post-treatment test could result in dismissal
♦ Refusal to complete participation in a recovery program could result in dismissal

♦ Employee test results are to be kept strictly confidential

♦ Questions regarding this policy should be directed to Laurie Elliott, Human Resources
Director; 651.490.4615; 4600 North Victoria Street, Shoreview, MN 55126