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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I learn about employment opportunities with the city?
Job openings are posted on the city website under the job opportunities box. We also advertise in local papers, on relevant websites, and on the League of Minnesota Cities job board at Job announcements include information about salary, qualifications, when applications are due, and other pertinent information.  
When may I submit an employment application?
The city only accepts applications for current job openings. You can check the city’s website for current positions. Parks & recreation takes applications seasonally and as jobs become available.
How do I apply for an open position?
We have an online job application system through NeoGov. On our job opportunities page, click on the title of the job you’d like to apply for. You can read more about the job, and click the “Apply” button to complete and submit an application. If you have worked with another employer that uses NeoGov, you’ll be able to use the application you have on file, along with some other job specific questions.
May I apply for more than one position?
You may apply for as many open positions as you choose. Each position requires a separate application. With our online job application system, it’s easy to apply for multiple positions once you have the initial application form completed.
Is there an age requirement for the recreation (non-benefitted) positions?
You to be at least 16 years of age to apply. A few positions such as Guest Service and Seasonal Maintenance require you to be 18 years old. This is noted in the job information.
May I submit my resume rather than completing a city application form?
No, resumes may be attached to an application, but cannot be substituted for a completed city application form. Please do not type “See Resume” to describe your prior work history. Complete the information as requested in the application.
The job I’m interested in isn’t listed. Can I still complete an application?
Applications will only be accepted for current open positions. However, you can sign-up for a “Job Interest Card” to receive an email when we post a position in your area of interest. For some positions, such as lifeguard, applications are accepted year-round and those positions remain active on the website.
How do I determine if I qualify for a particular job?

Qualifications for a position are listed on the job announcement. Read these requirements carefully. Qualifications may include

  • College coursework
  • A specific amount of experience
  • A license or certification
  • Skills, knowledge and abilities in a specific field

You should be able to determine whether or not you meet the minimum qualifications. If you are unsure, submit your application and human resources will review and compare your qualifications to other applications received. Generally, the education/experience standards must be met as of the closing date. Possession of these requirements does not guarantee an interview. Your qualifications will be judged in comparison with other candidates.  

I am a veteran, how do I apply for Veteran’s Preference?
When completing the online application there is a question asking about your military service and Veteran’s Preference. Select the answer that matches your situation and attach your DD214 and any other required documentation. If you do not supply the DD214 or other necessary documentation with your application, you must submit it no later than seven calendar days after the application deadline. If you fail to supply the required documentation within the this timeframe you will not be awarded veteran’s preference points.
When are completed applications due?
Applications must be submitted no later than the closing date and time listed on the job posting. Check the closing time carefully. For many of our seasonal, recreation and community center positions (positions without benefits), the positions are open until filled and earlier applications get first consideration.
How does human resources determine if I qualify for the job?
Human resources and the hiring department staff will review your application. It is very important that all of your qualifications, education, experience (paid or volunteer), licenses, certificates, and special skills be submitted on the application. Occasionally other required materials may be requested. Some positions include a supplemental questionnaire designed specifically for that position.
How often are new jobs posted?
New position openings are posted as soon as vacancies are approved to be filled.