Building Permits and Inspections

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8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Inspection Line
Phone: 651.490.4690

Teresa Mills, Office Tech
Phone: 651.490.4683 | E-mail Teresa

Dave Scherbel, Building Official
Phone: 651.490.4691 | E-mail Dave

Brent Marshall, Building Inspector - Residential
Phone: 651.490.4687 | E-mail Brent

Under the direction of the Building Official, the building inspection program administers Building Permits and Inspections. Specific duties include:

  • Reviewing building permit applications  and processing permit requests.
  • Providing information to the general public on codes and regulations
  • Working with planning and engineering staff in the review of development projects
  • Performing inspections to ensure that projects are built in accordance with specified approvals

Building permits are required for buildings or structures that are:

  • constructed
  • altered
  • moved
  • improved
  • repaired

*This also includes decks, garages, porches, fences, sheds, driveways, basement remodeling, egress windows, replacement siding, windows and roofing.

Permits are required as well for electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning work.  

New construction, additions, alterations or repairs to a residential occupancy also require a smoke alarm be installed. 

Permit Fees
Processed Permits
Online Permitting for Contractors


Some may think that obtaining a permit means extra costs, time delays, and unwarranted regulations. However, a building permit ensures that proper services are provided to safeguard life, health, property and public welfare. Permits do so by regulating the design, construction, and quality of materials of all buildings and structures in the community. Residents may sometimes overlook the benefits of obtaining a permit and appropriate inspections. Benefits include peace of mind in knowing that the work has been done properly and in accordance with all codes.

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