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Driveways, Fences, and Accessory Structures

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Building Official

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Aaron Sedey
Associate Planner
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Are you thinking about putting up a shed? Expanding your garage? We have changed our accessory building and structure regulations to better align with the size of the parcel that you have and give you greater flexibility.  

The following gives an overview of the regulations. Please contact staff if you have any additional questions. 

How to Apply

Information necessary when applying for a building permit:

  • Application for permit
  • Building plans—including elevation to verify size and height requirements and proposed exterior finish.
  • Site Plan - Showing location and dimensions of existing and proposed structure(s)
  • 2 sets of construction plans (only required for structures over 200 sq ft)

Permit Requirements

A building permit is required to build or replace an accessory structure.  In addition, for those greater than 200 square feet constructions plans are required. 

*Accessory structures may exceed the 200 square foot maximum depending on lot size, existing garage size, and foundation size. See table on bottom of page or Contact City staff for more information.

Construction Plans

(Required for Structures 200ft or larger)

  • Floor Plan - indicating proposed size, window and door openings, header sizes over openings, size, spacing and direction of rafter material.
  • Cross Section - indicating footage and floor design, wall and roof construction and materials used.
  • Elevations - front and side view indicating height of structure.

Processing Your Application

The application is reviewed for compliance with land-use and building code regulations. Notes will be made on the plan for your information.  When the application is approved, your permit is ready to be picked up.

Permit Fees

The standard permit fee for a shed or gazebo up to 200 sq ft is $29.00. For structures larger than 200 sq. ft, permit fees are based on the valuation.

*Additional fees are required if there is electricity involved.