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What is a comprehensive plan?

In its simplest form, the comprehensive plan can be thought of as the City’s “Instruction Book.” But in reality, it’s much more than that. It’s a reflection of the community’s social and economic values and is used as the vision and policy guide for development in Shoreview. It contains an inventory of the community’s characteristics, an analysis of how those characteristics are changing and renders a vision of what the community wants to look like 20 or more years in the future.

What must be included in a comprehensive plan?

The Metropolitan Council sets the basic requirements for what must be included in comprehensive plans. Shoreview’s comprehensive plan update must address six plan elements including land use, transportation, water resources, parks, housing, and implementation.  The Metropolitan Council also recommends, but does not require, local governments address economic competiveness and resilience.  For more information on comprehensive planning requirements check out the Metropolitan Council’s Local Planning Handbook

By law, Shoreview’s comprehensive plans must be consistent with Thrive MSP 2040, the Metropolitan Council’s policy document that guides development in the metropolitan region over the next 30 years.  Comprehensive plans must also align with the Metropolitan Council’s regional system and policy plans.  The system plans outline regional policy regarding transportation, water resources, parks and open space, and housing.  The system plans are updated after each decennial census to address projected growth in population, households and jobs in the metro area.

Why are we updating the comprehensive plan now?

Minnesota law requires that all cities, counties, and townships within the seven-county metropolitan region update their comprehensive plan every ten years.  Shoreview’s last comprehensive plan was updated in 2008.


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