Economic Development

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Tom Simonson, Assistant City Manager/
Community Development Director

Phone: 651.490.4612 | E-mail Tom


Niki Hill, AICP
Economic Development and Planning Associate

Phone: 651.490.4658 | E-Mail Niki

The Economic Development Division is responsible for managing, promoting and facilitating economic development, redevelopment, and business retention and expansion to create a strong and stable economic tax base, employment opportunities and desired services. Business growth is a foundation for sustaining and enhancing the quality of life in the community by providing tax base, employment and services. The program is managed by the Assistant City Manager/Community Development Director with support through both the Community Development and Administration Departments. Overall policy direction and decision-making is through the City Council with both the Economic Development Authority (EDA) and Economic Development Commission (EDC) serving in advisory capacities. 

The Shoreview EDA mission is to facilitate economic growth by supporting existing businesses, foster reinvestment in residential neighborhoods and commercial areas, and promote the creation of new business, employment and housing opportunities in order to sustain and enhance the economic vitality and quality of life in the community. The City Council as a whole retains final decision-making authority on all financial and budgetary matters of the EDA.

The Shoreview EDC mission is to support the City Council to retain, expand and recruit diversified business development, which provides varied and broad job opportunities for the purpose of maintaining the community’s high quality of life, by building strong relationships with the local business community.