Hoarding Assistance

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Kathleen Castle, City Planner
Phone: 651.490.4682 | E-mail Kathleen

Frank Cupery, Code Enforcement Officer
Phone: 651.490.4669 | E-Mail Frank

Hoarding,  the compulsive purchasing, searching and saving of items that have little or no value. Hoarding can threaten the health and safety of those living in or near the home of a hoarder. 

Compulsive hoarding is defined by three main features:

  • The accumulation and failure to discard a large number of objects that seem to be useless or of limited value;
  • Extensive clutter in living spaces that prevents the effective use of the spaces;
  • Impairment of basic living activities.

If you suspect a hoarding situation in your neighborhood please contact: 

Additional Resources Ramsey County Resources

  • St. Paul – Ramsey County Environmental Health: 651.266.1199 
  • Ramsey County Crisis Mental Health: 651.266.7900
  • HouseCalls: 651.266.1290
  • Ramsey County Adult Protection: 651.266.4012
  • Ramsey County Child Protection: 651.266.4500