Foreclosure Resources

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Ramsey County
Community Economic Development


Minnesota Home Ownership Center

1000 Payne Avenue, Suite 200
St. Paul, MN 55130

Lutheran Social Services
LSS Financial Counseling
424 W. Superior St., Suite 600
Duluth, MN 55802

Minnesota Housing Finance Agency
400 Sibley St., Suite 300
St. Paul, MN 55101-1998
651.296.7608 or 1.800.657.3769 General information

Rondo Community Land Trust 
626 Selby Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55104 

Foreclosure Information for Homeowners

A number of established resources are available for homeowners facing foreclosure.  

These files are PDFs.

Neighbors of Foreclosures

If a foreclosed property in your neighborhood appears to be occupied or is vacant and unsecured, please notify the Shoreview Community Development Department at 651.490.4680.

Foreclosure Information for Renters

What you should know if your landlord is foreclosed upon:

  • Foreclosure does not change the terms of your lease
  • You must keep paying rent
  • Your landlord must keep the property repaired
  • Utilities must be paid
  • Moving out of the property early could violate your lease
  • Legal notice to end your lease must be given
  • Landlords have six months after the sheriff's foreclosure sale to pay off the mortgage
  • After six months there will be a new owner
  • The new owner may ask you to leave. The must give you a written notice to do so. 

Additional resources for renters