Property Maintenance and Code Enforcement

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Kyle Seifert, Code Enforcement Officer
Phone: 651.490.4669 | E-mail Kyle


PeggySue Imihy, Code Enforcement Officer

Phone: 651-490-4669 | E-mail PeggySue


It is important that residents take responsibility for maintaining their property. An unsightly yard, homes in disrepair, and old vehicles and equipment stored on-site not only reduces the value of that particular property, but reflects poorly on adjacent homeowners and the community. The City has limited resources to patrol neighborhoods looking for property maintenance or nuisance violations. You know your neighborhood and where problems exist. Of course, it is sometimes difficult to report property or nuisance concerns, especially if it involves your neighbor. If you are uncomfortable about discussing a concern with your neighbor, call the Code Enforcement division at 651.490.4669 to report a property maintenance or nuisance concern.

The City has established Property Maintenance Standards to prevent nuisance violations.

The City’s SHINE Program is designed to educate and raise awareness to residents on the importance of maintaining properties in order to protect property values and the quality of our neighborhoods. Each spring and fall the City selects an area of the community to concentrate code enforcement efforts.

The City has several Rental Housing Units and requires licensing and inspections to prevent nuisance violations.

To report a code violations or request inspection please contact Code Enforcement Officer at 651.490.4669.