Surface Water Management

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Volunteers clean up the Commons Pond Buffer in spring.
Volunteers clean up the Commons Pond Buffer in spring.
Photo by Karen Eckman.
Ellen Brenna, Natural Resources Coordinator
Phone: 651.490.4665 | E-mail Ellen

Shoreview has a variety of wetlands ranging from lakes and waterways to storm ponds. These bodies of water provide the community with both recreational and environmental services. To protect these surface water resources, the City has completed a Surface Water Management Plan that provides goals, policies, and implementation actions to protect and improve surface waters in the City.

The City’s Public Works Department completes normal operation and maintenance activities that help prevent surface water quality degradation. These activities include street sweeping, particularly in the spring, to prevent sediment, leaves, and salt from getting into lakes and waterways. The City also performs regular stormwater pond and system maintenance, and pre-treatment of roads before snowstorms to reduce the amount of salt needed. 

Residents and businesses can also help protect surface water quality by reporting suspicious dumping or spills, letting neighbors know that anything on the ground can be washed into our lakes and waterways as stormwater runoff, and checking with the City or watershed district before starting a project. 

The City of Shoreview has a Phase II National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA). The permit required Cities to prepare a Surface Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) to address how they will improve water quality by reducing or eliminating pollutants from storm water runoff before it reaches the City’s surface waters. 

The City maintains and updates this permit regularly. The City is also required to submit an annual report to the MPCA on progress related to the NPDES permit. Annual reports are available upon request. For information concerning the City’s SWPPP please contact the Public Works Department.

Watershed Districts
The City is divided among two different watershed districts. Watershed districts are local, special-purpose units of government that work to solve and prevent water-related problems. Each offer free resources, materials and support to further educate residents about local water resources. Watersheds may even offer grants or cost share opportunities for certain projects. Check out your watershed’s website for more resources: 

Rice Creek Watershed District 
Ramsey Washington Metro Watershed District 

The City also encourages residents to utilize technical services offered by the Ramsey County Conservation District

for native planting, rain gardens and shoreland restoration projects.  For more information, see our pages on native vegetation and rain gardens


Shoreview Updated Surface Water Management Plan

The City of Shoreview has completed the process of updating its Surface Water Management Plan. The completed Plan will guide future activities towards protecting and improving the quality of water resources within the City.

This updated Plan provides information on the local regulatory requirements, the physical environment and specific water resources within the City, examples of past projects and revised design standards that will apply to future projects.

2018-2028 Surface Water Management Plan