LED Street Lighting Program

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           Mark Maloney, Public Works Director

            Phone: 651.490.4651 | E-mail Mark

The City of Shoreview has been actively replacing older city-owned street lights with new LED fixtures since 2009. The initial emphasis of the effort was to replace the most inefficient 175 watt Mercury Vapor fixtures. The street light replacement projects normally include new underground wiring, new metered electrical pedestals, poles, and fixtures. 

The City's street light replacement projects have now extended to areas where there are 100-watt high-pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures.  The new 40-watt LED fixtures use significantly less energy and their design provides downlight in the intended pattern and emits almost no spilled light or light pollution. These lights are expected to last 15 years with no bulb maintenance, unlike the HPS fixtures that are required to be re-lamped every 3-4 years.