LEED Gold Certified Maintenance Center

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Dan Curley, Public Works Superintendent

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This project transformed the existing maintenance center into a more efficient and modern facility. In addition, several sustainable improvements and additions were made, many of which were being used for the first time in the State of Minnesota. 

A major focus during this project was protecting the environment in every way possible. This included recycling building materials, using products fabricated in a close proximity and the restoration of adjacent lake shore.
Shoreview was one of the first cities to have a citizen environmental oversight committee to review development in the community.

Sustainable Project Achievements in addition to those achieved during construction activities include:

  • 84 percent of construction waste was diverted from landfills.
  • 92 percent of storm water was treated on site and never left the property.
  • Having 84 percent of the roof area with a solar reflectance index above 78 reduced heat island effect.
  • Water use was reduced by using rain water to wash trucks and flush plumbing fixtures. The project will save an estimated 140,000 gallons a year.
  • Zero utility water was used for lawn or planting irrigation.
  • Low water volume techniques were used to reduce total building water use, 36 percent compared to a baseline building.
  • The expansive truck storage area was lit with skylights.
  • 61 percent of the regularly occupied spaces are day lit with natural light.
  • All electrical power for the building is wind harvested energy. The City is in a contractual agreement with its utility to use only wind energy for this building.

Shoreview broke new ground in the completion of Minnesota’s first roof water collecting system to wash vehicles. This was the first time this technology had been implemented in the State and there were several complications in gathering permits for the 20,000 gallon rain water storage tank system because there was no code for this type of gray water system in the State.