Pervious Roadway

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Mark Maloney, Public Works Director

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The City of Shoreview completed the largest pervious concrete public street project in North American history. The project was a bold example of an innovative and sustainable approach to public infrastructure. After carefully considering alternatives for reconstructing the infrastructure, the City elected to replace the existing streets and eliminate traditional storm drainage infrastructure with a pervious concrete road.


Due to the lack of a stormwater collection system, runoff was not controlled and caused problems for the residents by flooding low areas. The only catch basin located within the project area discharged directly into Lake Owasso and a majority of runoff from the area drained toward the lake. Water quality of the lake has been a concern to the City and the residents and in 2007 the Grass Lake Watershed Management Organization (GLWMO) authorized a study of the lake that included an analysis of the water quality. Based on that study, the GLWMO, at a minimum, wanted any stormwater discharge from the project area to the lake treated to remove nutrients and solids, but preferred to eliminate discharges to the lake all together.


After careful analysis of stormwater treatment options, the City planned for the street and stormwater collection system to be combined into one system consisting of a pervious concrete road surface over a rock storage layer. Stormwater runoff from the pavement areas would pass through the pervious concrete into the rock storage layer then infiltrates into the sand sub- grade. Upon construction, this project became the largest use of pervious concrete for a public roadway in the country, approximately 8500-sq yd. The use of the pervious concrete infiltration system allowed the existing direct discharge to be removed and directed overland flow that used to drain to the lake to the concrete where it is infiltrated. The project was completed in late September of 2009.

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Pervious Roadway

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