City offices will be closed on Monday, May 27 for Labor Day. 

2019 Street Rehabilitation Project

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May 17 Update
  • Concrete Curb Work and Driveway Access

  • Concrete curb is being poured in Phase 1 areas.  Other curbs are being sawed in preparation for removal in Phase 2 areas. Avoid driving on the new concrete curb for the next 7 days after installation. The new concrete needs that time to strengthen to be able to support the weight of a vehicle. Notice will be given to residents receiving new curb in front of their driveway. If you are unable to access your driveway, please park on the street during the 7-day process. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Dale Street Alley Pavement Replacement

  • Replacement of porous concrete begins May 20 and expected to take 2-3 weeks to complete, weather permitting. Prepare to park along the west side of Owasso Heights Rd or West Owasso Blvd from 7 am-7 pm for 2 to 3 weeks. Residents will have access to their driveways during the evening and during non-construction. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

May 14 Update

Saw cutting of concrete curb began this week. Curb removal  is scheduled for later this week in Phase 1 areas.

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Driveway Access

  • Access to and from resident driveways may be impacted while curb is removed. This should be a short delay and access will remain at all other times. City officials and the contractor will notify residents in advance if their driveway may be blocked for a longer time period.

Irrigation Systems and Invisible Fences

  • Please mark any in-ground watering and invisible fence systems with spray paint or flags. Curb removal could impact these systems if they are in the city's right-of-way behind the curb. Contractors will work to avoid those systems that are flagged. The City also requests that residents shut off their irrigation systems during this time. This will help prevent water from collecting in the open holes.

Chandler Road Water Main Improvement

  • A temporary water system will be used during the water main replacement work. Residents should make sure their outdoor spigots are "open" to be connected to the temporary system. Please let city official know if there are any special conditions at your home, including a broken spigot or an existing backflow preventer. 


  • Please use caution and slow down when driving through the work zones.
April 19 Update
This project was awarded to Northwest Asphalt at the March 18 city council meeting. The contractor is working on a schedule for the project. Notifications will be mailed to properties in the project area before construction begins.

Contact Information 


Tom Wesolowski | City Engineer
651-490-4652 | E-mail Tom

David Yang | Staff Engineer
651-490-4664 | E-mail Dave

Project details

2019 street rehabilitation will begin the week of May 13. All scheduled work is dependent on weather. Work will take place in two phases. To see project locations and phase information, please view the 2019 Street Rehab Map.

Resurfacing work will include:

  • Removing existing asphalt by grinding it up with a granular base
  • Adding an emulsion mix to the recycled asphalt for bonding
  • Laying the new base of recycled asphalt and emulsion mix
  • Grading or leveling the base layer so water runs to the gutter and does not pool in the street
  • Laying a top layer of smooth asphalt pavement.

Curb cuts or pedestrian ramps will be updated to meet ADA standards and some areas will see curb replacements and storm drain and manhole repairs.

  • Improvements to the water main on Chandler Road, from Harriet Avenue to Owasso Boulevard North
  • Replacing the porous concrete pavement on Dale Street Alley with a new asphalt pavement.
  • Replacing the parking lot pavement for Lake Johanna Fire Department Fire Station No. 2 (4676 Hodgson Road).