Shutta Road Sanitary Sewer Improvements

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Contact Information

Tom Wesolowski, City Engineer

651-490-4652 | E-mail Tom

Proposed improvements include the relocation of a sanitary sewer line north of Schutta Road in the Rice Creek Regional Park to address operational issues.

Schutta Road Project Location Map

Update 9-13-2019

The City and County are in the process of finalizing the agreement to allow the installation of the sanitary sewer pipe. It is expected the work will start in mid to late October.

Update 6-17-2019

The City is currently working with Ramsey County on an easement agreement to allow the installation of the sanitary sewer piping. Once the agreement is completed the installation of the sewer pipe will begin.

Update 4-19-19

Project was awarded to Pember Companies at the April 1 Council meeting. Construction on the project is expected to start in late May/early June.