Rice Street between Gramsie Road and Vadnais Boulevard is closed due to flooding. Learn more about the closure at


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RedZone Vehicle

Dan Curley, Public Works Superintendent

Phone: 651.490.4672 | E-mail Dan

This summer, you may notice work occurring around manholes throughout Shoreview. The firm RedZone Robotic Services has been hired to inspect the underground sewer lines owned by the City, and you may notice their equipment and personnel in your neighborhood.
Their work at any one location should only be for 20 to 30 minutes and does not require any detours or road closures, and should not cause any inconvenience for homeowners. In some cases, they will need to access manholes that are located outside of the street areas. RedZone will give notice to homeowners to let them know if they’re accessing city manholes that are located in yard areas. This sewer inspection work does not require access to your home for any reason, and does not involve the private part of the sewer service to your home.
RedZone is collecting information that the City will use to ensure that the sewer system continues to function reliably, and to avoid future sewage back-ups. Thanks for your cooperation.