Voting and Elections

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Shoreview City Hall is one of six voting  precincts.
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Amy Truhlar, Elections
Phone: 651.490.4614 l E-mail Amy

Minnesota Secretary of State
Phone: 612.215.1440

Ramsey County Elections
Phone: 651.266.2171


2018 Elections

The city administers city, state and federal elections. The 2018 Primary Election is Tuesday, August 14th and the General Election is Tuesday, November 6th. Click on the links to the left for more information on 2018 elections.

Absentee Voting

If you cannot make it to the polling place on Election Day, you can vote by absentee ballot either in person or by mail. Absentee ballots will be available at City Hall during normal office hours June 29th - August 6th for the Primary Election and September 21st - October 29th for the General Election. 

For information on absentee voting, check the Ramsey County Elections website or the City's webpage.

Secretary of State's Website

Visit the Secretary of State's website for information on:

  • Your polling place
  • A list of candidates and questions that will appear on your ballot;
  • A sample ballot;
  • Online information explaining the process for applying for and casting an absentee ballot; and
  • An explanation of voter registration procedures, with a link to information about the status of your own registration and the deadline to register or re-register if you have moved since the last time you voted.

Voter Assistance

If you need help casting your ballot, ask the election judges for assistance. They can help you in several ways.

  • Read or mark a ballot.
  • Obtain a magnifying device or a chair to use in the voting booth.
  • Vote at the curb.

New Voting System 

In 2016, Ramsey County voters started using a new ballot counter on Election Day. Watch the video below to learn more about the new system: 

2016 Campaign Finance Forms

Per Minnesota State Statutes, the City must post all campaign finance reports filed during an election season for four years. Below are campaign finance reports from the 2016 candidates that received contributions or spent $750 or more.