Shoreview City Hall is closed through April 10 and the community center is closed through May 1.  Information about Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Swim Lesson FAQs

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  • A Note About Community Center Swim Lessons

    • Swimming lessons will not be canceled if Mounds View School District cancels their after school activities due to weather
    • If your child needs a quieter environment to learn, please look at our Saturday & Sunday availability for lessons.
    • The pool is exclusively for swim lessons and lap swim during this time.
    • Children ages 4 and under may use either locker room or the family locker room. Children ages 5 and older must use the same-gender lock room or family locker room.
    • Have your child use the bathroom and shower before entering the pool area. Instructors & lifeguards are not allowed to take a child to the bathroom during lessons.
    • On the first day of lessons, we will meet on the pool patio located by the entrance to the pool prior to the start of class to go over first-day introductions.
    • We do not have make up lessons for group or private lessons
    • The pool water temperature is kept between 83 and 84 degrees
  • How do I know what level to sign my child up for?

    If your child has not taken lessons within the last 3 months, we recommend registering for the same level again. We also offer swim checks prior to each session. These swim check dates will be posted on the website and are listed in the current brochure. The swim checks are free and will not take longer than 10 minutes.

  • When is the best time to sign up for lessons if I do not want any distractions for my child?

    We would recommend registering for a weekday or weekend morning. On Saturday and Sunday mornings there are only swim lessons and lap swim in the pool, decreasing the distractions for your child.

  • How do I sign up for semi-private swim lessons?

    In order to register for a semi-private lesson, you will need two participants with the same swimming ability. You can mail-in or drop-off registration forms completed for both participants and list the private swim activity number you are registering for. If you are concerned about losing the private swim lesson time slot, you can register one participant online as a private swim lesson. The next day, come in and register the second participant and pay the difference making the private lesson a semi-private lesson.

  • How can I request an instructor?

    Requests are not guaranteed, but we will do our best to honor your request. To request an instructor, please call the Aquatics Coordinator at 651.490.4766 and leave a message with the activity number your child is registered for, your child's name and the instructor's name you would like to request.

  • If my child misses a lesson, can they attend a different class?

    We do not have make-up lessons for group or private lessons. During each lesson, they will review what was taught the previous week allowing your child to continue to progress throughout the session.

  • Will my child be tested on the first week to make sure they are in the correct class?

    Yes, your child will be tested the first two weeks of lessons to ensure they are in the appropriate level. If your child needs to be moved, they are not guaranteed the same time or day that they are registered for. It is important to make sure your child has a swim check prior to registration to ensure they are registered for the appropriate level.

  • Can my child wear goggles during lessons?

    Level 2 and above students are allowed to wear goggles during lessons.

  • How do I cancel out of a swim lesson?

    You may cancel a registration 10 business days before the start of the class. You will receive a refund, less a $5 administration fee per program, per person. Cancellations less than 9 business days prior to the start of the program will not be eligible for refunds or program credits.

  • Will classes ever be cancelled due to low enrollment?

    Yes, unfortunately at times classes may need to be cancelled due to issues such as low enrollment. Any approved refund will be issued a check from the City of Shoreview or if you choose, put back on your account as a program credit. Checks generally take 3-4 weeks from date of refund approval to be processed and mailed.

  • What is the age limit for the locker rooms?

    Children 4 and under are allowed in either locker room and are encouraged to use the main locker rooms to change before or after lessons. If your child is 5 years old or older, we ask you to use the family locker rooms or the same sex locker rooms. We highly encourage the use of the main locker rooms, if you are able, to allow adequate room for those who need to use the family locker rooms.

  • Can my child swim before or after their lessons?

    Students are not allowed to swim before or after lessons unless they have purchased a wristband during the following time: Weekday Morning lessons (school year only), Weekday Evening Lessons (all year), and Weekend Morning Lessons (at 12:00 pm when the water park opens).