Beekeeping Licenses

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Bee hives may be kept within
City limits with a proper license and
following specific conditions.


Brent Marshall, Housing and
Code Enforcement Officer

Phone: 651.490.4687 | E-mail Brent

Bee hives may be kept within the City limits on residential properties located in the RE, Residential Estate Zoning District and the R1, Detached Residential District, subject to the following conditions:

  • Certification of a completion from a honeybee keeping course from the U of M, Century College, Three Rivers Park District or comparable course.
  • On residential properties Maximum Colony Density based on property size:
    • 1 acre or larger: 8
    • 1 acre – ¾ Acre: 6
    • ¾ Acre to ½ Acre: 4
    • ½ acre or less: 2
  • Honeybee colonies shall be kept in hive bodies with removable frames, which shall be kept in sound and usable condition. The hive body structure shall not exceed one standard 9-5/8 inch depth 10-frame hive body with no supers. In no case shall it exceed 6 feet in height.
  • The hive body must be removed within 30 days if no longer occupied by a colony. It shall be a violation of this section for unused equipment to attract a swarm, even if the beekeeper is not intentionally keeping honey bees.
  • Each beekeeper shall ensure that a convenient source of water is available within 10 feet of the hive body at all times that the colonies remain active outside of the hive body.
  • Each beekeeper shall ensure that no wax comb or other material that might encourage robbing by other bees are left exposed outdoors. Such materials must be stored in sealed insect-proof containers, or place within a building.
  • No selling of honey permitted within an approved home occupation permit.
  • Hive bodies must be set back at least 15 feet from all property lines and at least 25 feet from a principal dwelling unit on an abutting lot. A Hive body may not be located in a front yard or a side yard abutting a street.
  • A 6 foot tall flyway barrier is required in each instance where a hive body is kept less than 25 feet from a property line, as measured from the nearest point on the hive to the property line. The flyway barrier may consist of a wall, fence, or a combination there of, such that bees will fly over rather than through the material to reach the colony.


No person shall keep or maintain bees on property located in Shoreview unless a license is obtained pursuant the provisions of the City Code, Chapter 600. Licenses are valid for 2 years, and the license fee is $30.

Download Application for Beekeeping License.