Chicken Licenses

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Chickens may be kept within
City limits with a proper license and
following specific conditions.

Brent Marshall, Housing and
Code Enforcement Officer

Phone: 651.490.4687 | E-mail Brent

Chickens may be kept within the City limits on residential properties located in the RE, Residential Estate Zoning District and the R1, Detached Residential District, subject to the following conditions:

  • On residential properties less than 2 acres in size can have a maximum of (4) hen chickens or pullets. Roosters are prohibited.
  • On residential properties more than 2 acres, may need a conditional use permit for more than (4) hen chickens or pullets. Roosters may be permitted.
  • The butchering of chickens is prohibited
  • Chickens shall be fully contained on the property at all times through the use of fencing.
  • Shelters must comply with all requirements of the Development Code.
  • Food materials are stored outside shall be in closed containers with lids
  • All containment areas and shelters shall be maintained in a clean, sanitary, and odor free environment and shall be free from the presence of rodents or vermin at all times.
  • Chickens shall not be raised or kept for fighting. Cockfighting is prohibited.


No person shall keep, maintain or breed chickens on property located in Shoreview unless a license is obtained pursuant the provisions of the City Code, Chapter 600. Licenses are valid for 2 years, and the license fee is $30.

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