Wild Animals

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Raptors are allowed by licensed Falconers
with valid state and federal Falconry

Brent Marshall, Housing and
Code Enforcement Officer

Phone: 651.490.4687 | E-mail Brent

All wild animals, except the following, are prohibited within the City of Shoreview.

  • Wild animals brought into the City for entertainment, exhibition or show purposes by persons keeping wild animals for a public zoo as volunteers.
  • Wild animals which are part of a permanent display sponsored by a bona fide research institution, veterinary hospital, public zoo or other institution.
  • Non-poisonous snakes, birds kept indoors, hamsters, mice, rabbits, gerbils, rats, guinea pigs, chinchillas, or lizards and similar small animals capable of being kept in cages continuously.
  • Monkeys trained as personal helpers and kept by handicapped persons.
  • Raptors owned by licensed Falconers holding valid state and federal Falconry permits.

Wild Animal License Process

1.A license application must be completed and a certificate of insurance must be provided in the amount of $200,000 liability coverage on the Wild Animal.
2.An Animal Control officer will review the application, conduct an investigation and prepare a written recommendation for the City Council.
3.City Council will then make the final decision on issuing a license.

Wild Animal License Application