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Kathleen Castle, City Planner
Phone: 651.490.4682 | E-mail Kathleen

Kyle Seifert, Code Enforcement Officer
Phone: 651.490.4669 | E-mail Kyle

The City is committed to maintaining and promoting high quality housing stock and living options to meet the needs of our residents. Shoreview supports a wide selection of housing choices from condominiums, townhouses, modest starter homes, luxurious executive-style homes, and senior housing.

One of the key factors in the Shoreview’s high quality of life has been the community’s strong and safe neighborhoods, and the City, through the Economic Development Authority, has implemented a number of programs and initiatives to support maintaining quality housing.

Shoreview consistently ranks among the finest places to live in the Twin Cities, thanks to its low crime, amazing recreational activities and educational opportunities offered by our highly rated school district. 

The City supports reinvestment by assisting residents with access to housing loan programs and offering free guidance on home improvement projects. Shoreview offers Affordable Housing Resources, Homeowners Resources, Housing Action Plan, Rental Housing, Senior Housing and Additional Resources