Shoreview Water Conservation Program

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Know your flow to reduce your use


Reduce your water usage and increase
your awareness of when and where
water is being used.

Ellen Brenna, Natural Resources Coordinator
Phone: 651.490.4665 | E-Mail Ellen                 

blue-normSave Water with Home Water Reports

The WaterSmart Home Water Report program helps residents analyze how water is used within their home and offers tips for saving water. 

Customers receive paper or e-mail Home Water Reports as well as access to an interactive web portal and mobile phone app. The reports deliver customized water consumption information and water saving recommendations. 

Starting August 2016, the program is available to single-family home customers of the Shoreview Water System. Each single-family household will receive a personalized Home Water Report on average three times per year and monthly portal updates.  Their portal and Home Water Report includes a comparison of water use with similar households, data insights to improve understanding of water use, and customized water-saving recommendations.

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Know your Flow to Reduce your Use

Shoreview has a proud history of supporting environmental sustainability and has been a leader in water conservation efforts. Through a grant awarded by the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund, the City has an opportunity to take these efforts one step further through a new Community Water Conservation Program.

This program started with a grant from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund with a goal to see how providing more current water use data impact’s residential water conservation.  400 volunteers signed up and received a wireless in-home display that provided daily updates on their current water meter reading and the City brought WaterSmart in to help with the Home Water Reports.  The rollout of WaterSmart Home Water Use Reports was then expanded beyond the Know Your Flow program city-wide to provide most single family residents their own Home Water Reports.  

Understanding the Home Water Report

Starting in 2016, most Shoreview water utility customers are receiving a Home Water Report. Studies show that households who receive these reports reduce their water use by 3-5 percent.

How to read your report:

Your Home Water Report will be updated monthly through the online portal and customers will receive email or paper mail reports 3 times per year. It includes data from your most recent water reading and recommendations to start conserving water.

Your WaterScore

We calculate your WaterScore by comparing your usage to that of similar households.

Green Water Score

Lowest 20 percent of water use compared to similar households. See the Green WaterScore.

Yellow water score

Average water use compared to similar households. See the Yellow WaterScore.

Red water score

Highest 45 percent of water use compared to similar households. See the Red WaterScore.

Your Neighbors:


To put your water use in context, we show you the amount of water used by 'average neighbors' and 'efficient neighbors.' Since a large family living in a house with a large landscaped yard will nearly always use more water than a single person living in a small home, we show you your use compared to other households with similar-sized yards and number of occupants.


To change the number of occupants, request an electronic version of your report or to opt out of receiving it altogether, contact us