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Edgetown Acres Reconstruction

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This project includes the reconstruction of the Edgetown Acres neighborhood. Due to its size, the project will be completed over two years. Phase 1 will take place in 2020 and phase 2 will take place in 2021.

Phase 1 includes the following streets:
  • Pinewood, Terrace, and Oakwood Drives from Fairview Avenue to Aldine Street
  • Fairview Avenue from County Road I to the cul-de-sac
Phase 1 proposed improvements include:
  • Replacing the road surface & installing concrete curb & gutter
  • Repairs/replacement of sanitary sewer & water systems
  • Installing a stormwater collection & treatment system
  • Addition of street lights
Phase 2 includes the following streets:
  • Hillview Road and Lois Drive from Fairview Avenue to Snelling Avenue
  • Aldine Street from County Road I to Lois Drive

Project Map