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Traffic & Road Safety

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Streets under City of Shoreview jurisdiction are classified as either collector streets or residential streets. Streets are classified according to their original intended function, and are further described in the City's Comprehensive Plan. Part of the management of the City's street system includes collecting and analyzing traffic volumes and trends. The City regularly counts traffic on collector streets, which can reflect daily traffic volumes anywhere in the range of 500 to 5,000 vehicles per day. Local or residential streets typically have lower traffic volumes, usually in the range of 100 to 1,000 vehicles per day. 

For the most recent traffic counts on Shoreview's street system, check the city map at the MN/DOT website. It shows the traffic counts for all of Shoreview's county state aid highways, county roads, and municipal state aid roads.

Road Safety

A common belief is that posting a speed limit sign will influence drivers to drive at that speed. Facts indicate otherwise. Research has shown that drivers are influenced more by the appearance of the road itself and the prevailing traffic conditions than by the posted speed limit.

Stop Signs

A stop sign is one of our most valuable and effective control devices when used at the right places and under the right conditions. It is intended to help drivers and pedestrians determine who has the right of way at an intersection. Stop signs are not used as a speed control device. When stop signs are installed as "nuisances" or "speed breakers" there is a high incidence of intentional violation. In those locations where vehicles do stop, the speed reduction is effective only in the immediate vicinity of the stop sign and frequently speeds are actually higher between intersections. When an unreasonable restriction is imposed, the stop sign can create a false sense of security in a pedestrian and an attitude of contempt in a motorist. These two attitudes can and often do conflict with tragic results.