Water Treatment Plant

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Mark Maloney, Public Works Director
Phone: 651.490.4651 | E-mail Mark

Tom Wesolowski, City Engineer
Phone: 651.490.4652 |E-mail Tom

The water treatment plant provides treatment capacity for the needs of our growing community while ensuring our long-term ability to provide an abundant supply of safe, high-quality water to our residents.

What's Inside:

1. Forced Draft Aeration:The facility is equipped with two forced draft aerators. These aerators are designed to provide preliminary oxidation to the iron and release any dissolved gasses present in the water. These aerators will also help to limit the need for chlorine use in the drinking water.

2. Conventional Filtration: The facility is equipped with six conventional filters which filter iron and manganese from the water after aeration.

3. Backwash reclaim: Backwash water from the filters is sent to one of the two 250,000-gallon reclaim basins where the iron and manganese that is removed from the water is settled out. The clarified water is then suctioned from the top of this basin and pumped to the beginning of the WTP where it is reused. This process allows for very little waste in the treatment process. 

What's inside the water treatment plan