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Caring Youth Award

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The Caring Youth Award honors Shoreview’s outstanding young volunteers. Nominees should help make Shoreview a community where all people are welcomed, valued and respected. The winner will be recognized by the City Council at the annual volunteer recognition dinner in November. There will also be an article in the ShoreViews newsletter.

Nominees must:

  • Live in or volunteer in Shoreview
  • Be in grades 9 through 12
  • Meet the criteria in one or more of the following categories.
    Anti-Bullying Efforts
    Creates a welcoming environment for all. Speaks up to prevent bullying or protecting themselves or others from bullying.

    Stands up for beliefs, values and personal integrity and takes action during challenging circumstances to make a difference.

    Arts & Creativity
    Enriches others through imaginative skills and originality in activities such as acting, dance, music, visual arts and writing.
    Cultural Awareness
    Values culture and/or social diversity through action, lifestyle awareness or education.
    Community Involvement
    Volunteers to meet a need in the community through action, education, advocacy or service.
    Demonstrates leadership and commitment to heighten awareness about environmental issues and promote actions that lead to community sustainability.

If you are submitting this application on behalf of yourself:

  • Submit the online application below
  • Submit two letters of recommendation that describe your volunteer activities. These letters do not need to be long.

If you are submitting this application on behalf of someone else:

  • Submit the online application below and a
  • Submit a one page letter that addresses the following:
    • Describe how you know the nominee and the length of your relationship.
    • Describe the nominee’s activities and character. Include any special attributes or challenges that set this nominee apart.
    • Describe the nominee's contributions that have positively affected people or programs in Shoreview. Include any information about how much time, energy or skill is involved.

Applications DUE by Friday, September 20, 2019. 

Caring Youth Award

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