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Sewer Services

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The utility division maintains sanitary sewer mains in Shoreview. These lines discharge into the waste treatment system managed by the Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES).

Sewer Backup

Disposable’ Does Not Mean ‘Flushable

If your sanitary sewer backs up, the utility division may be your source of help. If the problem is in the main sewer line, city employees will come out to solve the problem. This service is available day or night, seven days a week including holidays. There is no fee for this service. The city is not responsible, however, for problems in the house or the sewer service line between the house and property line. Problems in these areas are the responsibility of the property owner.

Try to determine where the problem is before you call the city. This can be done by checking to see if your neighbor directly across the street is also having a problem. If your neighbor does not have a problem and the water backs up when you use it, the problem is in your system. To repair these problems, call a plumber or a sewer cleaning company. If water is coming up in the house when no water is being used, the problem is most likely in the city main sewer line.