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Shoreview City Hall

4600 Victoria Street North
Shoreview, MN 55126
General Phone: 651.490.4600


Shoreview Community Center

4580 Victoria Street North
Shoreview, MN 55126
General Phone: 651.490.4700


Community Development
Parks and Recreation
Public Works
City Council
Mayor Sandy Martin 651.490.4618 E-Mail Mayor Martin
Council Member Sue Denkinger 651.490.3166 E-Mail Councilmember Denkinger
Council Member Emy Johnson 763.443.5218 E-Mail Councilmember Johnson
Council Member Terry Quigley 651.484.5418 E-Mail Councilmember Quigley
Council Member Cory Springhorn 651.403.3422 E-Mail Councilmember Springhorn

City Manager Terry Schwerm 651.490.4611 E-Mail Terry
Assistant City Manager Tom Simonson  651.490.4612  E-Mail Tom
Assistant to the City Manager
Renee Eisenbeisz 651.490.4613
E-Mail Renee
Deputy Clerk
Amy Truhlar
E-Mail Amy
Human Resources Director  Laurie Elliott  651.490.4615 E-Mail Laurie
Administrative Tech/HR
Julie Pelton
E-Mail Julie
Communications Coordinator
Cheryl Edelstein
E-Mail Cheryl
Mayor's Voicemail  Sandy Martin 651.490.4618 E-Mail Mayor Martin

Community Development
Community Development Director  Tom Simonson  651.490.4612  E-Mail Tom
City Planner Kathleen Castle 651.490.4682 E-Mail Kathleen
Econ. Dev. and Planning Associate Niki Hill 651.490.4658 E-Mail Niki
Associate Planner Aaron Sedey 651.490.4681  E-mail Aaron
Building Official Steve Nelson 651.490.4691   E-Mail Steve
Housing /Code Enforcement Officer Brent Marshall 651.490.4687   E-Mail Brent
Office Tech Teresa Mills 651.490.4683 E-Mail Teresa
Office Tech
Mary Lucht
E-Mail Mary

Finance Director Fred Espe
651.490.4622 E-Mail Fred
Assistant Finance Director Debbie Maloney 651.490.4621 E-Mail Debbie
Accounting Tech II/Payroll Kathy Harvey 651.490.4623 E-Mail Kathy
Accounting Tech II/Utilities Terese Roesler 651.490.4630 E-Mail Terese
Accountant Rob Falk 651.490.4629 E-Mail Rob
Management Assistant/Finance Debbie Engblom 651.490.4627 E-Mail Debbie
Office Tech/Customer Service Sue Will 651.490.4626 E-Mail Sue
IS Manager Tim Cooney 651.490.4631 E-Mail Tim
Senior IS Analyst  Lee Harmon  651.490.4634 E-Mail Lee
Senior IS Analyst  Brian Klassen  651.490.4632 E-Mail Brian
Systems Administrator Rob Rice 651.490.4633 E-Mail Rob

Parks and Recreation
Community Center General Manager
Michelle Majkozak
E-Mail Michelle
Recreation Programs

E-Mail Recreation
Recreation Program Supervisor
Jeremy Bailey
E-Mail Jeremy
Recreation Program  Supervisor
Becky Sola
E-Mail Becky
Recreation Programmer Stephanie Schutta 651.490.4734 E-Mail Stephanie
Fitness Coordinator Amy Ferguson 651.490.4768 E-Mail Amy
Customer Service Representative Kathy Stauff  651.490.4760 E-Mail Kathy
Aquatic Manager Diana Buck 651.490.4707 E-Mail Diana
Aquatic Coordinator
Katie Grabowski
E-Mail Katie
Aquatic Specialist
Jen Colbeck
E-Mail Jen
Building Specialist
Angela Thunberg
E-Mail Angela
Office Tech/Graphics Olivia Huso 651.490.4750 E-Mail Olivia
Office Tech/Health Reimbursement Denise Fuglestad  651.490.4755 E-Mail Denise 
Building Maintenance Technician Gary Lofquist 651.490.4711    E-Mail Gary
Senior Com Center Coordinator Dan Haas 651.490.4704 E-Mail Dan
Asst. Community Center Manager Ann Johnson 651.490.4767  E-Mail Ann 
Community Center Manager Jessica Riley 651.490.4705  E-Mail Jessica 
Community Center Coordinator Erik Qvale 651.490.4703  E-Mail Erik 
Rental Team   651.490.4790  E-Mail Rental Team 
Building & Grounds Superintendent
Gary Chapman  651.490.4756   E-Mail Gary
Parks Supervisor Ron Rude  651.490.4769      E-Mail Ron 
Public Works
Public Works Director
Mark Maloney
E-Mail Mark
City Engineer
Tom Wesolowski
E-Mail Tom
Senior Engineering Technician
Tom Hammitt
E-Mail Tom
Senior Engineering Technician
Mike Shaughnessy
E-Mail Mike
Staff Engineer
David Yang
E-Mail David
Natural Resources Specialist
Ellen Brenna 651.490.4665  
E-Mail Ellen
GIS Coordinator
Jared Haas
E-Mail Jared
Utilities Supervisor
Kevin Chmielewski
E-Mail Kevin
Street Supervisor
Joe Keding 651.490.4671  
E-Mail Joe
Public Works Superintendent
Dan Curley
E-Mail Dan
Office Tech
Mary Lucht
E-Mail Mary

Contact Information 
For general information, call the main phone line at 651.490.4600. 
Emy Johnson