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Animal licenses can be obtained
online or at City Hall.

Sue Will, Customer Service Rep
Phone: 651.490.4600 | E-mail Sue
Dogs, cats, Vietnamese potbellied pigs, chickens and wild animals must be licensed through the City. A full ordinance is available in Section 601 of the City Code. Licenses are valid as long as the rabies shot is valid.


Apply online ($10 fee) and bring in or mail a copy of your pet's rabies certificate to Shoreview City Hall, 4600 Victoria Street North, Shoreview MN 55126.


  • Animals are not allowed to roam freely. Animals must be confined to inside your property line by fencing, leash or enclosure.
  • Pet owners must provide sufficient, wholesome food and water; proper shelter; veterinary care as needed; and humane care and treatment.
  • While exercising your pet, a leash no more than 6 feet in length must be used.
  • Excrement from animals must be cleaned up and disposed of properly.
  • No more than (3) dogs or (3) cats over the age of six months, or three (3) Vietnamese Potbellied pigs are permitted in one residence. The total number of combined licensed animals is limited to (4).
  • For pets that lose the license tag, duplicate tags are available at city hall.
Additional Regulations for Vietnamese Potbellied Pigs
  • Male pigs must be neutered when they reach the age of four (4) weeks.
  • Adult pigs cannot weigh more than 100 pounds or stand more than 22 inches at the shoulders.
  • Pigs must undergo a blood test to show that animal is free from rabies.
  • Pigs must be confined inside the owners property line.

Where can I exercise my dog off leash?

Ramsey County Park and Recreation has designated an off leash area within Rice Creek North Regional Trail Corridor, located off Lexington Avenue in northwest Shoreview. For questions and rules, call 651.748.2500.

From May 1 to November 1, the City of Shoreview offers off-leash dog areas within the hockey rinks at Bucher Park, Wilson Park, and Bobby Theisen Park. These are intended to complement the large County-operated off-leash dog area in the Rice Creek open space. The City provides benches and trash receptacles in each of these spots.