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Residential recycling 

Eureka! Recycling is Shoreview's recycling service provider for all residents. Curbside recycling is funded by a combination of users fees, county, and state grant money. 

Recycling schedule

Extra recyclables

  • If you have more recyclables than fit in your cart, please call Eureka at 612-NO-WASTE (612-669-2783) before your pickup day.

Customer service

  • Contact Eureka at 612-NO-WASTE (612-669-2783) for service questions or to request a new or additional recycling cart.
  • Download the new Eureka! app for schedule updates, pickup reminders, and to look up what items can be recycled.

Recycling events

Business recycling

Grants of up to $10,000 are available to start, improve or manage workplace trash, recycling, food scraps, and organics. Businesses can also request free container labels for their trash and recycling bins. BizRecycling, a Shoreview recycling partner, provides recycling grant money to restaurants, offices, schools, clinics, golf courses, offices and warehouses.

BizRecycling provides:

  • Free consultations
  • Customized recycling plans
  • Grants 
  • Ongoing support

Learn more, contact, or apply for grand funding at

Special event recycling

Hosting a wedding, block party, graduation, family reunion or another big event? Ramsey County offers recycling and organic waste containers free to residents and organizations for temporary events. Containers are easily portable, come with signage and bags for easy set up and  use. 

Learn more and request containers at

Organics recycling

Organics recycling, or kitchen composting, includes all food scraps and non-recyclable paper products like tissues and paper towels. Residents can bring their organics recycling to all Ramsey County yard waste sites, plus a dedicated organics site located in Como Park. 

How to participate

  • Stop at Shoreview City Hall and pick up a free organics starter kit, including a container and compostable bags.
  • Collect your food scraps and paper products.
  • Bring your organic waste to one of the sites listed here.
  • Pick up more free bags at any organics recycling site.


Free Fix-it Clinics

Bring your broken household goods and clothing in need of repair to a Ramsey County Fix-It Clinic. Volunteers provide free, guided assistance to disassemble, troubleshoot, and fix items. 

The following are examples of things that have been repaired at other fix-it events:

  • Antique radio
  • Blender
  • Camping lantern
  • Clothing and other soft goods to mend or alter
  • Dremel tool
  • DVD player
  • Electric hot water kettle
  • Fan
  • Flashlight
  • Hair dryer
  • Lamp
  • Paper shredder
  • Remote control
  • Sewing machine
  • Steam mop
  • Stereo
  • Telephone headset
  • Toaster oven
  • Toaster
  • Toys

Volunteer at a Fix-It Clinic

If you can troubleshoot repairs for broken items, consider volunteering at a Fix-It Clinic. Email or call 651-266-1199 for details and to sign up. 

Radon testing

Ramsey County offers resources to residents to test their homes for radon. To learn more please visit Ramsey County's website