Community Development

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Tom Simonson, Assistant City Manager/
Community Development Director

Phone: 651.490.4612 | E-mail Tom

Kathleen Castle, City Planner
Phone: 651.490.4682 | E-mail Kathleen

Dave Scherbel, Building Official
Phone: 651.490.4691 | E-mail Dave

The Community Development Department has five core areas: planning, code enforcement, building inspection, economic development and housing. Within each of these areas, the Department performs a variety of functions. The goal of these efforts is to create and maintain a quality environment in which to live and work.

Building Permits and Inspections: The Building Official ensures that residential, commercial, and industrial construction is done safely in accordance with the State Building Code, Uniform Fire Code, Uniform Mechanical Code, and City regulations.

Economic Development: The Community Development Director, along with the Economic Development Commission and Economic Development Authority, works to promote and expand present and new businesses for the community to strengthen and diversify the City's economic tax base, employment and services.

Housing: Shoreview is committed to maintaining and promoting a wide variety of high quality housing options throughout the city. Shoreview offers affordable housing resources, homeowners resources, rental housing, senior housing and additional resources. 

Planning and Zoning: The Planning Division, led by the City Planner, is primarily responsible for the review and management of development and redevelopment in the City of Shoreview. The division implements the Comprehensive Plan which lays out the long-range guide to how property should be developed or redeveloped. Within the policies of the Comprehensive Plan, the division administers the City's Development Code, which governs how property can be used. Planning staff provides recommendations to the Planning Commission and City Council on all land use issues.

Property Maintenance and Code Enforcement: The Housing and Code Enforcement Officer enforces the zoning, nuisance, and property and housing maintenance regulations of the City to ensure that the community maintains quality neighborhoods, housing stock and commercial areas.