Street Light Services

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LED Street Lights

The City owns the majority of the light fixtures located within the public right-of-way and is responsible for maintenance and replacement of these lights. The City is also responsible for electrical costs attributed to the municipal street light system. 

The City's street light system includes lighting owned by the City as well as lights leased from XCEL Energy.

What is the Street Light Utility charge on my utility bill?

Each resident's utility bill contains a charge for operating/maintaining a street lighting system throughout the community in support of safe vehicle and pedestrian traffic. 

What should I do if a light is not working or is damaged?

If you observe a street light outage, damaged pole or if the light is not working properly, please contact the Public Works Department at 651.490.4650. If the light is maintained and leased from XCEL Energy, we will notify the agency and work to have the problem resolved.

Does Shoreview utilize LED Technology? 

The City is responsible for approximately 700 street lights. Most our lights have High-Pressure Sodium bulbs but some older ones have Mercury Vapor bulbs. The City has annual projects that focus on replacing outdated street lights with new LED fixtures. These LED fixtures are more efficient, can better direct light and eliminate wasteful light pollution caused by undirected light.